Our services at a glance

Reliable, Finnish web hosting

We offer you a reliable alternative for your homepage and email. In addition to the smooth functioning of the web hosting services, you get access to skilled support service that solves problems quickly and flexibly.

Finnish service providerHigh availability of servicesKnowledgeable customer serviceFlexible service packages
Our servers are located in Finland, so you can be confident that your information is kept in a safe place and do not end up in the hands of outsiders. We are bound by strict data protection legislation in Finland.We use VMWare-based clusters for the production of our services, where all critical components are at least duplicated, including the disk system and firewalls. In case of an eventual fault situation the services are transferred to backup machines without having any noticeable break caused by the interruption.We guarantee that the first thing we do is not asking you to restart your computer. We are focused on corporate and institutional clients whose needs we understand very well. We speak the language – also in a way that our customers understand us.Our service packages suit most needs, but they are still customizable. If you need even more disk space for a new image bank, for example, we can increase your space very quickly.