Docker – scalable performance

Less time for configuration – more time for development

Docker provides a fast development environment where you do not spend time setting up a server, configuring it, and installing the software. At your disposal are Docker containers, which help you quickly define your environment and are ready in a few clicks. Focus on developing your service, not configuring your server.

The XetNET Docker service provides you with Finnish servers.

Scalability and extreme performance

Web hosting and virtual server environments are used to manage performance differently than in Docker service. In a virtual server environment, you buy capacity, for example, 1-2 cores with the amount of memory you desire. For example, Docker allows you to configure more power to a database than a web server (vertical scaling).

Docker enables horizontal scaling

You can also use Docker to scale horizontally, for example, a web server (Apache) to 2 containers or more. In this case, the scaling focuses exactly where performance is needed. This situation may become necessary when the database is not heavily task-intensive but executes PHP intensive commands.

Changes to both vertical and horizontal scaling can be made flexibly through the management tool, depending on your project requirements and changing needs. This ensures a smoothly running operating environment and the required scaling changes only take seconds.

Docker on Finnish Servers: Docker is your solution when you need flexibility in performance.

Define your own Docker container

You can build a Docker image that contains your application and place it in a Docker container. You can configure your Docker container in only a few clicks to support just the features you need. It’s kind of a ready-made recipe for the environment in which your application works. No server-specific settings or additional VMs. With Docker, you create containers that you configure to meet the requirements of your application.

For example, for WooCommerce online store, two containers are selected: the WooCommerce container and the database container (e.g. MariaDB or MySQL 5.7). Then you develop your services on a temporary domain, and when the project is complete, you transfer your Docker images to a public Docker container or define name services for the existing container. Docker makes it easier to test different updates and changes to the service by moving your images to a different container with a few clicks.

Docker is the perfect option for developers who want to focus on development rather than server configuration.

Docker containers from 4.50 €/pc/mo

Try out the Docker service with just ten euros! To get the Docker experience and top speed, simply sign up and start using the service at the minimum rate of 10€ + VAT. You can choose only the containers and features that your application or service needs, such as web servers and database servers.

After the trial period at 10 € + VAT, your subscription will continue until further notice based on the charges applicable to the containers you ordered. We feel confident that Docker’s top-rated features will win you over!

Get a trial at 10 € (+VAT)

Prices are subject to VAT.

Docker – a flexible solution for IoT projects

Docker is a great alternative to IoT development environments where the company does not want to purchase a dedicated server and spend time maintaining, configuring and backing it up. Develop your services quickly with Docker and roll them out of production with just a few clicks. We know that it takes time to adjust server environment settings due to developers’ various requirements. Try Docker, you’ll love its speed. It is a cost-effective solution as you save time by jumping straight into the development phase.

Do you develop IoT projects outside Finland?

With XetNET partners, the Docker service can be delivered closer to the customer, even to another country if needed, if it is a reasonable solution in terms of telecommunications and makes the use of your service more efficient. Ask more from our sales!

Docker Hosting Suomessa

Try out the service on Finnish servers

Order a trial version of the Docker service at €10 + VAT. This minimum order allows you to get the Docker experience and try out the service. Order the service here. Log into your purchased Docker service at − and you’re all set to get started with your next project.

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