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Reliable Service Provider

Reliable Web Hosting or Virtual Server Service Provider?

What makes a web hosting, virtual server or capacity service provider reliable? Giving an unambiguous answer is impossible as each customer, of course, determines his own criteria.

We have listed a few criteria that we have used as basis for our own operation and developed our operations accordingly.


Experience and Responsibility

We have been providing web hosting and server solutions since 2002. We do not use our customers’ services as learning platforms. We know how to put together an ensemble that works using the right network connections, servers, software and various services.

Individuals, start-up companies, traditional ground floor shop merchants, public sector organizations as well as large companies have selected us as their trusted service providers. There is room for a number of associations, of course, as well as businesses across the board, both in Finland and abroad.

We serve each of them with passion and we are proud of that we are worthy of their trust.

Recommendation: check that the service provider has already been in business for quite some time.

The equation must be balanced

“The numbers do not lie, since they have no reason to do so.” says an ancient wisdom. We know that there are service providers that promise free web hosting or offer “an unlimited amount of” disk space or transmission bandwidth for free or for a low monthly or annual fee.

This can only be possible in Neverland

Let us imagine a situation where an active picture shooting (videos and photos) family decides to subscribe for a web hosting service with unlimited disk space and begins to store all their family photo albums there. A camera’s memory card can easily store 8 gigabytes of pictures and the father is especially exited with his camera’s burst mode: 4 frames per second. Consequently, the memory card may be filled every day. And why not: the web hosting service promised an unlimited amount of disk space, so it is always nice at the end of day to load up these photos securely into a photo gallery in a web hosting service.

This way, a couple of weeks holiday pictures accumulate 8 GB x 14 days = 112 GB. If the family during other times produces pictures an average of a gigabyte every week and is vacationing annually a total of 4 weeks, it is easy to calculate that the data generated every year makes a total of about 272 GB.

And if the customer then is, instead of a family, for example a local newspaper, advertising agency, or a photographer, the amount of data increase is something totally else.

If we take a look at the lower end of equipment price list, a 1U rack server with 1 TB RAID1 disk space cost is, for example, EUR 1.400 + VAT without any major frills (such as redundant power supplies, backup…), and the company sells these unlimited packages for the price of EUR 2/month + VAT, it means that a single server can host about 4 customers of the previous example.

That is, 4 clients who bring total cash flow of EUR 8/month, or EUR 288 in three years (servers generally have a 3 years warranty) already fully cover the EUR 1400 server cost. The loss was thus EUR 1.112.

And the cost is not only the acquisition price of the server alone. Also networking, server maintenance and backups cost money. As the rule of thumb, one can say that the disk space is affordable, but securing data is costly.

We offer a service for fair price, which also is realistic. And still, it is affordable.

Recommendation: grab a calculator in hand and check whether the service pricing theoretically makes sense. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is – too good to be true.

The company operates profitably and reliably

We are a Finnish company which has been operating since 2002. Almost every year of our operation has been profitable. Our owners are Finns; we provide employment and pay our taxes in Finland. As a tribute of this, we are entitled to use the Finnish Key Flag awarded by the Finnish Work Association.

Bisnode Finland Oy and Finland Asiakastieto Oy have assigned us the AA-AAA credit ratings, most recently in 2019, and international Dun & Bradstreet assigned us the highest possible credit rating.


In addition, you can check our situation (Business ID: 1778444-6) in the tax liability records (which is public information in Finland) at We recommend, in fact, that you do this check for every service provider that you are considering.

Just in case, as a service provider which is unprofitable or is missing its contributions may disappear at any time, completely unsolicited and unexpectedly.

Recommendation: check before making your choice, whether the service provider’s background is in order. Corporate financial information can easily be found e.g. by searching the company by name at service. The service allows you to check the status of the company, the validity of preliminary taxation registration and the information regarding tax debts or negligence of statutory obligations.

The domain names are property of the customer

Domain names are the intellectual property of the customer as much as trademarks or patents. We do not register the domain names of our customers in our own name, but always in the customer’s name.

We have been involved in transferring a large number of customers’ domain names from service providers who have registered their domain in their own name. This has not always been successful and sometimes the former service provider has requested a high price for the domain name.

Recommendation: using the service of you can conveniently see a company’s registered .fi domain names. If the service provider has a large number of domain names registered in its own name, ask why. Why has a service provider registered in its own name domain names referring to hairdresser activity, for example? Do they offer the latest tunes in hair fashion in the back room or do they register their clients’ property in their own name? How about to the customer’s domain name, if the customer decides to change the service provider or the provider goes bankrupt?

Reliable, Secured Environment

Every service provider has downtime. The question is how much and how long will they last.

The service provider who claims that they do not have downtime is not honest. Service outages are inevitable, because the servers and networks are forced to install updates e.g. for data security reasons and some updates will cause interruptions.

We strive to perform routine, mandatory interference causing maintenance tasks within the so-called maintenance window. This maintenance window is a time slot reserved and announced in advance, during which we make the actions that may cause interference. The maintenance window occurs the second Tuesday-Wednesday night of each month, from 00.00 to 06.00.

We measure the usability and functionality of our own services and publish the related statistics. Publicly with total transparency.

To measure the information and to control the services we rely on an external company, Swedish Pingdom Ab which monitors our services from around the world.

You can explore usability statistics of our services at and

Also interference arising from the maintenance window disturbance is included in the mentioned statistics, even if we could filter them out.

We are also investing heavily in the smooth operation of our services. Our web hosting, virtual server and capacity services are produced in an environment where everything is at least duplicated. Just in case.

Recommendation: check, whether the service provider provides the services’ usability related statistics. If not, ask why.

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