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Why Finland?

The best location for a server in Europe

If you require a virtual or a dedicated server in Europe, then Finland and XetNET are an excellent choice. We combine speed, security, and competitive prices in our services.

Advantages of Finland as a server location

Whether your choice is a dedicated server, virtual server, or web hosting, having your server solution in Europe and particularly in Finland, provides certain advantages:

  • Short distances and fast connections to Europe, as well as to the Asian markets.
  • Affordable and readily available electricity.
  • Geologically stable – no damaging earthquakes or floods.
  • Benefits of a cold climate – server rooms can be air-conditioned with outside air for nine months out of the year.

In addition, Finland is a politically stable EU-country with information security laws to heavily protect privacy.

Lowest credit risk certificate

Xetpoint Oy is a family owned, Finnish company, that has been operating since 2002. We have been offering web hosting, virtual server, cloud and capacity services under the XetNET-brand since 2003. XetNET is the auxiliary business name of Xetpoint Oy.

Our services are used by over 1 000 organizations, including among others American media companies. We use VM-ware based cloud servers, which ensures the security of services also in fault conditions.

We have been awarded the best Lowest credit risk certificate by Dun & Bradstreet, which speaks greatly for the stability of our services. Also, the Finnish credit rating company Suomen Asiakastieto Oy and Bisnode Finland, have classified us to the best credit class. Our taxes are paid to Finland.

Speedy implementation

When ordering one of our server solutions, the service of your choosing will be quickly at your disposal. As well as our top notch customer service, that received a score of 9,8 with a scale from 1-10 in a recent customer survey.

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