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Virtual Private Server (VPS)

Powerful and scalable Virtual Private Servers from Finnish provider

Virtual Server (VPS, Virtual Private Server) is the right choice when shared web hotel features are not enough: you time require the Possibility to install your own software on the server, your traffic volume requirements are Exceptionally high, or you want to make sure your service has as trouble-free operations as possible. Virtual Server is the right choice Also if you plan to store sensitive data in your service and when the storage in shared servers is out of the question.

In the virtual server, the virtual server an own fully isolated from other servers is allocated Solely to you. Your virtual server has no other users. Your virtual server is guaranteed to Provide a DESIRED amount of disk space, main memory and processing power. You can thus be sure That other clients’ websites do not interfer with your service. We do not implement overbooking of virtual servers, but you Provide access to precisely the capacity you have ordered.

You will get the full administrative rights to the virtual server, and you can install the software of your choice or manage the Existing user accounts.

VPS Starter
25 €/mo
shared CPU-core, max. 1,0 GHz
10GB storage
512 MB RAM
Optional backups
OS: CentOS, Ubuntu
100 Mbit/sec connectivity
VPS 20 Linux
93,00 €/mo
1 vCPU, 2.0 GHz
20GB storage
Daily backups
OS: CentOS, Ubuntu
100 Mbit/sec connectivity
VPS 20+ Linux
149,70 €/mo
2 vCPU, 2.0 GHz
20GB storage
Daily backups
OS: CentOS, Ubuntu
100 Mbit/sec connectivity
VPS Bespoke
starting from 15.12 €/mo
custom CPU
custom storage
custom RAM
Daily backups
OS: CentOS, Ubuntu
100 Mbit/sec connectivity

Applicable VAT will be added to the prices.

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Email: [email protected]

Virtual Server features:

  • Fault-tolerant, at least duplicated environment
  • Desired amount of CPU power
  • Desired amount of RAM
  • Desired amount of storage
  • RAID based, fault tolerant storage subsystem
  • Once a day backup
  • Maintenance via RDP or SSH connections
  • If you wish, we can provide server management
  • Availability guarantee of virtual server: 99.9%
  • Monitoring and SLA reporting of virtual server

No less than duplicated environment

All of our virtual servers are implemented on VMware vSphere Enterprise platform that provides certainty for both equipment failures and for unexpected resource peaks. All of our virtual servers are located in an environment where all critical components are at least duplicated: servers, disk system, network connections and firewalls. For example, if a server defect occurs, the virtual servers situated in the failed server are automatically transferred to other servers and your server operation continues without disruption.

Virtual server thus provides a highly reliable platform for your crucial services.

We are responsible for the virtual server maintenance

In case of the virtual server, the data security is crucial. Therefore, it is possible to include a maintenance service in our virtual servers. We will then ensure the monitoring of your server and handle installation of critical data security updates. If you want, we can also handle the new software installations and even set up new users on your server. You can also access an SLA monitoring which allows you to monitor the server’s achieved level of service.

Guaranteed level of service

Our virtual servers almost always include SLA service level monitoring and we guarantee 99.9% availability on monthly basis for our virtual servers. We measure the level of service with the service which means that the control and measurement is performed by a third party. The SLA agreement is not included in the standard Starter VPS virtual servers, but you can include it as an additional service.

If the virtual server’s actual service level falls below 99.9%, or the server is unreachable for at least 43.2 minutes per month, we will refund the service charges for that month according to following table:
Level of service below 99.9%: -30%
Level of service below 99%: -40%
Level of service below 98%: -50%
Level of service below 97%: -100%

The level of service is measured by the virtual server’s PING service, and the client’s own switch-off or reboot events of the virtual server are deducted from the measured level of service.

Virtual Server uses

A virtual server is suitable for anyone who wants to install own applications or services on the server and wish to anticipate eventual usage peaks. It is easy to add in virtual servers e.g. CPU power, main memory or disk space as needed. Also more virtual servers can be arranged for the customer, in which case one server typically acts as a web server and another is set up as a database server. Thus services can be distributed across several servers so that the security and usability of services will improve.

When using virtual servers you can also build your own cloud. In this case new servers can be flexibly added or the capacity of existing virtual servers can be increased.